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BISM offers unique STEM- Embedded British Curriculum that integrates the best of 21st century- skills in an engaging learning environment to get children ready for their bright future!

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Located inMadinaty, Cairo

Being one of the top modern, safe and family- oriented gated community in New Cairo makes it a perfect fit for our school, where your kids enjoy a safe, balanced student life

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    minutes away from Madinaty city hall

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    minutes away from New Cairo

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    minutes away from Nasr City & Heliopolis

Early Years

FS1 & FS2


Years 1-6


Year 7-12

Exceptional Enrichment Programme across allBISM Year Groups

We offer our children a unique age-related enrichment programme embedded in the curriculum, for every child to be best prepared for future opportunities and challenges! Our Early Years and primary children will experience a rich activity based learning in an enhanced STEM environment, while senior students will be offered empowering career- skills sessions in addition to exciting trainings, coaching and internship opportunities.

British International School Madinaty is one of GEMS Educations’ schools in Egypt, which opens a wide horizon of improvement opportunities as GEMS believes in independent learning, creativity and the importance of empowering students to embrace responsibility. The opportunities don’t only stop at educational improvements, GEMS also comes with a wide range of services that ensure an integration of excellence on every level including Teachers Training, Systems, Technology, Health, Safety Measures.

GEMS is Different

GEMS students have won over 1,550 international, regional and local awards in science, arts and sports

Core Values

GEMS Core Values help our learners become not just great students but great people.

Great Teachers

Great teachers inspire great students and Along with our students, we never stop learning

Global Classrooms

Your child will become an important part of the global network of award-winning GEMS schools

Parental Engagement

We believe passionately in helping all our students reach their full potential through our parental engagment programme

Schools for Good

Our aspiration is that, for every child enrolled at a GEMS school, we impact the lives of 100 underprivileged children

Our all year longEnrichment Programme

From KG2 to Grade 08STEM Track

BISM is offering a unique STEM- Embedded British Curriculum which is a perfect integration of the rich British curriculum and the activity based learning to acquire 21 st century skills:

With this exceptional and innovative approach, BISM will be focusing on each student’s own capabilities and will design a special and programme for each student to enrich his or her own academic, social and personal skills.

From Grade 09 to Grade 12Young Professionals Programme

It gives every student at BISM opportunity to know more about themselves so they are empowered and inspired to choose the career path that they would fit in. Students will get introduced
to the basic, yet, crucial skills needed for a future career, including but not limited to, creating a professional Curriculum Vitae, attending job fair conferences, and discussing how to make partnerships with worldwide universities.

Along with our students, we never stop learning


Great teachers inspire great students. That’s why at GEMS Education, we pay close attention to how we train and support both our new and experienced educators. We know just how rewarding a teaching career can be, when educators have the right support and opportunities to develop.

The Right Tools

A world of resources and tools at their fingertips

GEMS Quality Standards

High quality teachers all creating educational excellence

Global Outlook

A vibrant community of professionals connected in 16 countries

Career Pathways

Rewarding opportunities that can take our teachers anywhere

GEMS family

We are all part of the GEMS family all over the world

Pioneering People

Engaged teaching professionals with new ideas and knowledge

Healthy, nurtured & BalancedStudent Life

We understand the importance of social, physical and personality development skills to ensure that each student is enjoying a heathy, nurtured and balanced life, with a total area of 37,000sqm, BISM students are enjoying a state- of-art campus with facilities

Indoor Swimming Pool

Football Pitch

Indoor Multi- -purpose Halls

Science Labs

Arts & Music Rooms

Safe & Reliable Transportation

Equipped Computer Labs

Indoor & Outdoor Playgrounds